Check out some of Max’s favorite instruments over the past year.  Here’s a short brass duet with Wycliffe Gordon:

This is a clip from one of many Tucson Jazz Institute seasonal concerts:

A recent new gig at Pastiche Modern Eatery features the new jazz band director at the University of Arizona.  This group, started by Pete Swan, gives Max some great musicians to play with weekly.  Max will play multiple instruments throughout the night.

Max solos at lightning speed on Avalon at Wilbur’s in Tucson:

The Arizona RoadRunners played live on the MDA’s Jerry Lewis Telethon. This is Max’s third appearance on the telethon. “Some Of These Days” was published in 1910, originally written and composed by Shelton Brooks.

The Tucson Jazz Insititute’s Ellington Band toured Europe and played at multiple jazz festivals. They had two performances at the Jazzaldia Festival in San Sebastian, Spain. The first night they opened with Vine Street Rumble. At the end of the performance at 9:30, B.B. King started at the stage directly in front of them, on the beach. The second night they ended the performance with Swingin’ the Blues. The entire band did an amazing job, was adored by the audience, and got rave reviews. Max plays an outstanding finishing performance solo.

This was the last tune the Tucson Jazz Institute’s Ellington Band played at the 2010 Fullerton College Jazz Festival. They took first place in their class.

The Tucson Jazz Institute performed Benny Goodman’s Roll ‘Em at the 2010 Fullerton College Jazz Festival. They took first place in the High School Band Heavy competition.

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